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Simply put, digital signage is the use of electronic displays or screens (such as LCD or LED screens) to deliver entertainment, information and/or advertisements in public or private spaces outside of the home.

Digital signage is typically deployed as a network of customisable digital displays that can be controlled electronically using a computer, allowing to change content remotely for the most targeted messaging possible. Digital signage allows businesses to showcase their products or services and deliver targeted messages that inform, educate and motivate audiences without their budget taking a painful hit.


As specialists in digital signage, we have been helping businesses of all sizes for almost 25 years.  Whether you are a company that needs expert planning and content development to enhance your brand or a company that requires digital precision to communicate clearly, run efficiently and improve decision making, you’ll find TCN infochannels delivers the complete solution... we make it work!


So, if you are interested in discussing the latest technology to not only increase sales at the point of purchase but also improve ambience, communicate with your customers, educate, inform and make an impact then contact us today. Display dynamic, targeted messages to increase sales, engage your audience and display important information in real time. We'd love to make it happen through a rich presentation with customized content with realtime data insertion for news, weather, etc. and stable, reliable playback 24/7.

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