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For a fixed flat fee we'll have our professional designer get in contact with you, you can explain to the designer what you would like in your presentation. Do you have images, videos of your business, products or services, or even a website? We can use all that to build you a custom professional digital signage presentation.


We will work closely with you to improve ambience, communicate with your customers, educate, inform and make an impact. And to keep the motor running we remotely monitor and control your digital signage presentation.


Once the presentation is created, we simply connect a dedicated SignagePlayer to your device. This setup will need a regular HDMI screen, connect to your local UTP (of WiFi) and we're done.

It's a pre-configured SignagePlayer that’s all pre-loaded with your content and ready to Rock `n` roll.... and that’s it… it doesn`t get any easier than that…


Call 0618 772430


You are busy, we get it… you have a business to run! You don’t have time to learn how to create an engaging digital signage presentation, we understand… so why don’t you let us do it for you.

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